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Bryllup i Revheim kirke

Today I present a fresh collection from a wedding two days ago. Yes, just on Saturday, Sharmila and Ruben sayd yes at Revheim kirke.

It was a really lovely wedding with close friends and family. Sharmila came with a beautiful dress and coat that she made herself. Yes! She is really talented and looked amazing. Her eye for details was easy to note: the light blue sole of her shoes mached perfectly the flowers on the inside of her coat, her nails and eye make-up. But what really impressed me was the mood of the cerimony itself: the priest made an amazing and touching speach. Everyone was moved by her ability to talk and engage us, and as she talked we became thoughtful, and entrateined and romantic. After 10 years of marriage I could recognise myself in her words and my husband (who was helping me from the gallery) and I exchange looks reminding our own wedding.

The couple chose to take the official portraits by the church. But do not rush: they are going to have an additional session in some week, so hot stuff is till to come! For the moment I live you with the memories of their fresh new wedding.

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